Our mission

We are here for you as an outdoor athlete, lover of nature. Our clothing will become your favorite casual wear. Simply because they are the most comfortable t-shirts, hoodies and sweatpants. Organic, responsible and Fair Wear. That feels good. Our profit goes entirely to nature projects. That feels really good!

Objective and mission Shiftr for Nature Foundation

The Shiftr for Nature Foundation aims to create awareness for nature, especially among outdoor athletes, in order to protect and restore our natural environment.

We achieve this by setting up (and financing) our own projects for nature restoration and nature conservation, as well as financially supporting other charities as long as they pursue the same goal, preferably in partnership.

The financial means to do this are generated through the revenues from a clothing brand that is wholly owned by the foundation. To this end, our clothing brand must operate as cost-efficiently as possible in order to achieve the maximum yield for the target; we do this without compensation or salary.

In addition to the proceeds, brand awareness and visibility for the foundation and its purpose is an important pillar for Shiftr. After all, it starts with awareness that needs to be spread as widely as possible!

Shiftr feels good. Shiftr works well.

We do sports outside. Where possible and allowed. With respect for all users of our forests. So also the animals: we stay away where nature should be left alone. Where nature needs to be protected or restored, we as Shiftrs will make our contribution.

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