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The Great Green Wall is one of the most inspiring and urgent movements of our time. The initiative, led by Africa and supported by the United Nations, aims to grow a new natural wonder of the world of 8,000 kilometers across the entire width of the continent.

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We are talking here about the planting of millions of acacia trees and plants that make an enormous contribution to CO2 absorption. The green wall holds back the advancing desert due to climate change and transforms the living environment of millions of people there.

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The project has now been underway for more than 10 years and 15% has been realized. Ambition 2030 is 100 million hectares of land restored, 250 million tons of CO2 and 10 million jobs in these areas. This shows that sending money to developing countries is not the most optimal way. Making a difference locally, that's what it's all about. The results are here: .

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