Shiftr supports the Gravel Code

Shiftr steunt de Gravel Code

Gravel biking has become very popular in a short time. Looking for freedom, you can master any surface with a gravel bike, from asphalt to ruts and from gravel roads to forest paths. Unfortunately, the number of unpaved paths on which you are allowed to cycle is limited in some areas. It is also not always clear what the rules are.

Many gravel bikers - and also mountain bikers - therefore ride on trails where this is not allowed. This leads to complaints from and conflicts with other users such as walkers, runners, riders and so on.

To ensure that we can continue to enjoy unpaved paths in the future, cycling sports association NTFU, Staatsbosbeheer, Bicycling and Fiets have joined forces and launched the Gravel Code .

This consists of three lines:

1. Be nice, say hi

Slow down and greet every rider, walker and cyclist in a friendly way. A thank you takes little effort and generates a lot of goodwill.

2. Enjoy nature

Take rubbish back home and don't make noise; let animals and other nature lovers enjoy the peace.

3. Stay on track

Not every path is a bike path. Check your downloaded route and check - before you dive into a strip - whether there are any prohibition signs.

Do you also support the Gravel Code?
Then sign it, just like Stichting Shiftr for Nature and more than 3,500 others, on and propagate that you are a real gravel player. Show how it's done and as a thank you you will receive a number of 100% legal gravel routes as a download.

Do that right away, show that you are making the right choices. Be a Shiftr ;-) .

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