Green Friday 2022: we plant 25 trees!

Green Friday 2022: wij planten 25 bomen!

On Green Friday, we are making a statement against Black Friday together with Trees for All: the day on which we storm the stores and webshops en masse for the cheapest deals. All those impulse purchases lead to enormous overconsumption. As a result, we are exhausting our earth at a rapid pace.

Green Friday

That must and can be done differently. That is why we do not opt ​​for Black Friday on November 25, but for Green Friday . Together with as many consumers and companies as possible, we say 'no' to Black Friday deals. Instead, we give something back to the earth: trees for the Green Friday Forest.

Because climate change is a global problem, Trees for All is also planting one tree in a tropical rainforest on Borneo for every tree in the Green Friday Forest in the Netherlands.

So we also switch gears at Shiftr. We donated 25 trees for Green Friday Forest. Become a Shiftr too: buy your t shirt with us, but only when you need it, and we plant trees for it.

Green Friday Certificate
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